irish_water_splashIn a statement, People Before Profit have said that the government need to invest directly into water infrastructure to improve water supply rather than into the black-hole that is Irish Water. They have also reiterated that Irish Water needs to be abolished.
People Before Profit spokesperson, Cllr Bríd Smith, has said “Irish Water has already cost hundreds of millions in bonuses, legal fees and set up costs. It is clear that this money could and should have been invested directly into improving our water system”.
“Its is an affront to people that the government persists in pumping money in to the black-hole that is Irish Water, literally pouring money down the drain” said Cllr Smith.
Cllr Bríd Smith has called on people to get out and demonstrate their anger on March 21 for the next Right2Water demonstration. “On March 21 we will show the government that we have not gone away and that Irish Water must be buried”.