mar21In a statement, People Before Profit have said that today’s official Right2Water march will provide the government with a timely reminder that people cannot and will not take any more austerity, taxes or cuts from this government. Today’s demonstration is set for a massive show of hatred for the policies of this government and to eclipse the disgrace that is Irish Water.
People Before Profit spokesperson Bríd Smith has said “I am looking forward to the demonstration which will show the government that the Irish Water issue has not gone away and that working people will no longer accept the oppression which is being forced upon them by this government. Today’s protest is set to be as big as before and it will display in no uncertain terms that working people of this country are officially off their knees and willing to fight back against austerity”.
Cllr Smith said “it will be a momentous day because it will show that the Irish Water fiasco has run its course. Once Irish Water is dead the government might consider using the money Irish Water is wasting on legal fees, consultants and bonuses and actually invests in the water system of this country which they, and successive establishment governments have done nothing about in the past.”
“Today it will be as clear as day that the people of this country are tired of the disgrace that is Irish Water and that it must be destroyed” said Cllr Smith.