cllrjohnlyonsIn a statement, People Before Profit have said that it is a disgrace that vulnerable children are being prevented from returning home or being placed on long waiting lists after treatment abroad due to a lack of beds. People Before Profit has called for the Ministers for Health and Children to make statements on the matter. The call from People Before Profit health spokesperson John Lyons comes in light of 30 reports by the Child Care Law Reporting Project (CCLRP) in the Irish Independent this morning.
“This a disgrace. These reports reveal some very worrying findings. These cases concern some of the most vulnerable children in Irish society. The reports show that some of the children have actually regressed in their recovery due to a lack of beds in proper facilities in this country. We need proper mental health care facilities that can adequately care for these children” said Mr Lyons.
children_in_care“These children are some of the most vulnerable. They have experienced some awful crimes such as sexual abuse, serious neglect and have attempted self-harm. What they need and deserve is consistency of care in proper facilities and they need it now. Placing these vulnerable children in adult mental health facilities is no solution either.
“The HSE is fundamentally dysfunctional. Instead of helping people in their recovery it is now contributing to patients regressing. There needs to be a total overhaul of the HSE.
People Before Profit has attempted to raise this serious matter on twenty different occasions over the past five weeks under topical issues in Dail Eireann and each time it has been refused. The Government is shamefully ignoring the issue.

“I am calling for the Minister for Health and the Minister for Children to make a statement on the matter of these vulnerable children because this is a severe issue that need to be addressed without delay” said Mr Lyons
John Lyons is a People Before Profit general election candidate and councillor in Dublin City Council representing Beaumont/Donaghmede.