Irish government must react by withdrawing use of Shannon Airport by US military

 In a statement, reacting to the horrific and sombre news that 28 civilians have been killed by a US-led coalition air strike in Syria, Richard Boyd Barrett TD has called for the Irish government to publicly condemn the US military campaign in Syria and withdraw facilities for the US military of Shannon Airport.
img_4276Richard Boyd Barrett said that the US and its coalition partners “have innocent blood on their hands” thanks to their misguided bombing tactics in the Middle East and that Ireland is implicated in these killings as long as it extends facilities to the US military at Shannon Airport.

“The bombing campaign against the ‘so called Islamic State’ has taken another disastrous turn today with the shocking news that 28 civilians have been murdered by US-led coalition bombs. This is the second mass casualty killing of civilians by US bombing in Syria in the last two weeks. The US bombing has apparently been designed to ‘save’ the civilians in this region but this is further proof that the US-led bombing and military tactics do not work and will only lead to more civilian deaths and increased radicalisation of people in that region against the West.

“I am calling for the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Charlie Flannigan and the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny to condemn this act and intervene in this matter immediately and remove facilities from the US military at Shannon Airport. Whilst Ireland facilitates US bomber aircraft and military in Shannon Airport, we bare some of the responsibility for this horrendous atrocity. If our government do not act by removing the US military from Shannon Airport, then the responsibility for the deaths of innocent civilians in these regions falls directly on our shoulders because of our lack of action and our failure to face up to the role we are playing in the Western Military project in the region. We in Ireland, a supposedly neutral country, have the blood of innocence on our hands as long as the US military are allowed to use Shannon.
“I condemn these actions by the US and its partners and I condemn them also for creating the environment in the Middle East of radicalisation through their militarist policies, which saw the invasion of Iraq and the destabilisation of Libya and other surrounding countries and the creation of a war zone in the Middle East region.”