Trump is a dangerous, racist, sexist, warmonger who should not be welcomed to Ireland says People Before Profit TD

Protest being planned to coincide with Trump visit to Ireland

donald-trumpRichard Boyd Barrett TD, of People Before Profit has said that Donald Trump should receive no official or public welcome during his forthcoming planned visit to Ireland and revealed that protests are being planned for his visit.

Deputy Boyd Barrett cited Trumps comments about Muslims, immigrants, women, refugees and American foreign policy as “vile, dangerous, racist and sexist”.

Deputy Boyd Barrett also said Trumps foreign policy announcements in relation to the escalation of bombing in Syria and a more aggressive military stance in the Middle East represent a serious danger to the world.

People Before Profit are planning protests for when Trump comes to Co. Clare and are urging members of the public who oppose racism, sexism and war to join the protest.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said “Donald Trump is an incredibly dangerous individual who should not be put in charge of the US military. Donald Trump is an out and out racist, sexist and bigot and his comments are disgusting. He should be opposed by all sections of society in America and across the world.

“He is also a total sexist and his comments objectify women.  It is totally outrageous for him to suggest punishing women who procure abortions in the US.

“His comments about ‘banning all Muslims’ from entering the US are disgraceful and vile. His racist and bigoted comments about Mexican immigrants as being rapists and murders are scandalous. These comments have real consequences for real people as they seek to escalate racial tension and encourage racial violence.

“He has also made horrendous comments about refugees, claiming that refugees are a ‘Trojan horse’. In Europe we are experiencing a massive refugee crisis with very vulnerable people risking their lives, fleeing war torn countries like Syria and Iraq. This refugee crisis is a direct result of US foreign policy in Iraq and across the Middle East. For Donald Trump to be put in charge of US foreign policy would have calamitous consequences for the world in my opinion.

 “Donald Trump is not a joke like some people are saying. He should be opposed by anyone who believes in human decency and solidarity.”