Workers Undertaking Legitimate and Legal Action Under Payment of Wages LegislationPeople Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has lashed out at Transdev and their Managing Director, Gerry Madden for a disgraceful and vicious attack on the Luas drivers. People Before Profit fully support the drivers in their legitimate pay claim and strike action and have organised solidarity actions with TDs from across the Dáil and the drivers.
Transdev, a very profitable multinational company, have threatened the Luas drivers with pay deductions of 10% if they continue the ‘work to rule’ that is currently being engaged in by the drivers. The Payment of Wages legislation does not allow for a company to deduct a workers wages when they are engaged in legitimate industrial action. This hostile escalation by Transdev was issued on the 26th April and is due to take effect on the 29th April. This is an attack on the Trade Union movement and all workers.
Deputy Smith also called for Minster Donohoe to intervene and assist the negotiations to help resolve the dispute.
Bríd Smith said “The escalation of this dispute by the company Transdev is a total disgrace and a nasty attack on the Luas drivers who are taking legitimate industrial action. The drivers are engaged in a ‘work to rule’. Transdev are now persecuting the drivers for this by threatening pay deductions of 10%.
“This ‘work to rule’ only involves drivers insisting on taking their full breaks which are allocated to them under their terms of employment. Breaks for drivers are a vital part of health and safety regulations. Gerry Madden knows that this is the extent of the work to rule and that health and safety regulations and the contracts of the drivers determine the right to full breaks.
“What Transdev are attempting to do is to break the drivers and smash the union. This is a very important dispute for the Trade Union movement and for all workers. The latest threats set a very dangerous precedent for all workers involved in pay disputes.
“The Minister has already said that he does not agree with these measures that the company may use to recover strike costs from the workers.
“Despite Minister Donohoe stating that he will not get involved in this dispute I am reiterating my call for him to do so in light of these serious threats to the drivers from Transdev.”