Irish Glass Bottle Site Housing Action Group

“Use Glass Bottle site for social housing council and affordable housing”

Time for NAMA to support those in need- Not the wealthy

13325709_481382325400956_7137671613035013436_nIGB Site MARCH took place on Saturday 28th May from  Clanna Gael Fontenoy on the Sean Moore road, right next to the IGB site, and walked to the Custom House,making it’s way through Irishtown, Ringsend, Pearse Street, over Butt Bridge and finishing on Gardiner Street Lower.

Annette Mooney spokeswoman of the Irish Glass Bottle Site Housing Action Group said, “There is a huge housing crisis in Dublin and NAMA land must be used to solve it. The easiest way to do this is to build council housing for those who cannot afford to buy a home. I“It is time to stop the sense of entitlement that pervades the golden circle that surrounds NAMA. Those in need are now crying out for ‘Home for People Not Profit’. It is time their voices were heard”.

Architect, Mark Price, said,“With 25,000 people on Dublin’s housing list, this is a golden opportunity to radically change Irish housing policy. NAMA must be instructed to develop this site for public good and not for private profit. “The Irish Glass Bottle Site Housing Action Group is preparing a report on the housing needs of the area. They are working with a group of volunteer architects and planners to draw up a viable alternative plan for the site, which can be implemented for the good of the area and the city, and not parceled out to private investors for profit.”

Richard Boyd Barrett TD, of People Before Profit said, “The people of this country own NAMA. The vast bulk of NAMA land and houses, including the Irish Glass Bottle site, should be used to deliver council and affordable housing.Given the enormous housing crisis under no circumstances should the vast majority of this site be sold off for development in the open market at market prices. The whole point of the current situation is that failed
government policy and a dysfunctional housing market has made housing unaffordable and unattainable for ordinary people.”