rbb dailSpeaking in the Dáil this evening during statement on the Review of the Programme for Government Richard Boyd Barrett TD accused the government of bullshit for claiming they have successfully turned the economy around when there is an emergency in the health service, in social housing, homelessness and the numbers of people living in poverty.

Deputy Boyd Barrett slammed government policy for leading directly to a dramatic rise in homelessness and poverty, and claimed that the new Gateway scheme was a Fine Gael “wet dream to force young people to work for next to nothing and displace proper paid employment in the public service.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “The Taoiseach and the Tánaiste might as well be on another planet in another stratosphere and their definition of success is perverse if success is lining the pockets of bankers, speculators and spin-doctors at the expense of the people of the country. If success is to eliminate poverty and homelessness and maintain a health service that keeps people safe then the programme for government has been an absolute failure”.

The only people applauding this government are the elites – the bankers, the property speculators, the multi-national corporations and the consultants and CEOs on massive salaries.

Government policies are leading directly to the biggest homelessness and housing crisis the state has ever seen. Rent caps for Dublin and urban centres are leading to people losing their homes and driving increasing numbers into homelessness. Tens of thousands of people have been on housing lists for years and instead of putting people to work and building social housing the government is incentivising speculators to buy property cheaply.

Health cuts are directly endangering the lives of sick people who need help. 6000 staff and 2,500 beds have been lost with another 7000 staff cuts planned and another €1.5 billion in cuts. 370 people in hospitals around the country are on trolleys as we speak.

The government solution to this is to compound the misery by charging people €800 or €1000 per year – paying through the nose to have their lives endangered in hospitals for the benefit of private companies. This is the style of Fine Gael to bow to the market and their friends in big business.

Young people are being driven out of the country or into low-paid or exploitative jobs – dragooned into low-paid jobs in local authorities for a pittance on top of their dole. It is sickening in the extreme”.

“Yet another failure of this government is in the area of Justice when so many people are crying out for Justice like the Stardust families who have been waiting 30 years when this government and last government have received information that supports the call for a public inquiry”.