On Wednesday afternoon, the SIPTU delegate conference will debate a resolution to disaffiliate from the Labour Party.

The resolution is being proposed by the 7,000 strong Education Sector.

maxresdefaultProposer of the motion is Kieran Allen, the chair of the UCD Section committee said, ‘Our members do not want an exclusive tie up with the Labour Party. They have gone back on too many promises and have used their period in office to promote austerity.

The Labour Party has presided over water charges, attacks on lone parents, the sell-off of the government’s stake Aer Lingus, the introduction of emergency legislation to cut wages of public sector staff.

It makes no sense for a union which opposes austerity to be tied to a party which defends and promotes it.

‘Labour is now a minority party among voters who would see themselves as broadly left.

 Its leaders have never appeared before union conference to offer an account of how their actions differ from SIPTU policies.

It should have no exclusive claim over the political affiliation of the union.

‘In the current situation, all unions should have an open door strategy to promote their policies in the wider community and within political structures.

‘This could mean backing a variety of left candidates from different parties, provided they agreed to promote union policies. ‘