Report will test backbone and principles of the Labour Party

cllrjohnlyonsIn a statement, People  Before Profit have reiterated their total opposition to the sale of Aer Lingus to IAG. Recent reports have shown that the company would be forced to make cuts of at least 60 million. The Nyras report mentioned  in the Irish Independent have shown that the cuts need to be “aggressive”. The internal Aer Lingus report by Nyras suggests  “cutting pilots and cabin crew by 10pc each to make saving of €2.9m, while catering staff should be cut by 25pc for a €3.9m saving”. People Before Profit general spokesperson John Lyons said that this report is shocking.

Cllr John Lyons said: “This report flies in the face of what we have been told about protecting jobs in Aer Lingus. If this sale is finalised it will have a disastrous effect on the workers at the company. As we have been saying for the whole of this debate there will be drastic cuts that will affect the workers of Aer Lingus. This proves categorically that jobs will be lost at the airline despite what the government have been saying.

“The Labour Party has backed this sale despite grave concerns for the workers. The sell out by the Labour Party has been unprecedented. They are actively selling out those people who voted for them.

“We can see with the timing of this report that the government want to sow up the deal and release this shocking report just before the deal is voted on when they believe that there is no turning back.

“If the Labour Party backbenchers had any backbone or principles they would vote against this deal. The cowardly inaction on display by the Labour Party is outrageous. I call, in the strongest possible way, for the government to postpone this vote and appeal to all the TDs who claim to represent workers to vote against this deal”.

John Lyons is a People Before Profit councillor for the Beaumont Donaghmede local electoral area and the People Before Profit general election candidate for Dublin Bay North.