poolbegIn a statement today Richard Boyd Barrett said he will be attending the protest at 5pm today in Ringsend against the incinerator. The protest has been organised by Combined Residents Against Incineration (CRAI) which represents residents from Ringsend, Irishtown, Sandymount and the greater Dublin bay area.
The protest will take place at 5pm, meeting at Clanna Gael Fontenoy marching to the Sean Moore Roundabout, Ringsend, Dublin 4.
rbb bailoutIn a statement today Richard Boyd Barrett said, “I am supporting this protest today to show my opposition to this crazy plan to build a huge incinerator here in Dublin Bay.  Incineration is not the way forward for waste. Instead we need to expand our recycling facilities with proper dividing up of waste which would create hundreds of jobs.
The incinerator will have a capacity to burn 600,ooo metric tonnes of waste. But in 2012 Ireland only produced 250,000 tonnes, this means that for this facility to burn to capacity and create the energy planned we will have to either stop recycling or start importing waste – this is madness!
So far this project has cost over €100 million and if there is not enough waste going in to the incinerator the local authorities and the public will be forced to bail it out to the tune of millions of euros.  We need to call a halt to this project immediately.”