Richard BBIn a statement this morning, People Before Profit Dun Laoghaire announced that Richard Boyd Barrett was selected (unopposed) to contest the Dun Laoghaire constituency for People Before Profit at a selection convention last night.
Speaking following the selection, Richard Boyd Barrett said, “People Before Profit has always said that it is not about any one individual’s effort but that it is about collective effort and our fundamental belief is in people power, public control of our resources and of our society.
It is clear that there is a new appetite in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe, for a bottom-up, sharing out of the power and resources rather than the old politics.Hopefully our campaign will be part of a bigger advance for the wider left in the elections. Having left TDs elected has really opened up the political debate in a new way in this country and gains can only further open that debate.
The next election will be the most important election in years with a real opportunity for change”.
Cllr Melisa Halpin said, “People Before Profit has always stood for engaging and including as many people as possible in building grassroots and community campaigns and our politics is not just about elections but about mobilising people and using councils and the dail to give voice to those people and those campaigns”
Cllr Hugh Lewis said, “We have changed the goalposts in this country by getting socialists elected to the dail. We have always kept people power to the fore and we have alway argued that society is not changed by politicians but by mobilising people on the ground, giving them confidence and that is what we will continue to do”.