People Before Profit TD  calls for the restoration of all social welfare cuts as priority for Minister for Social Protection 
Reverse the discriminatory u26 Jobseekers rate
Brid-Smith-2a-241x300People Before Profit TD, Bríd Smith, has called on the government and Minister for Social Protection, Leo Varadkar, to reverse all social welfare cuts and restore them to 2007 levels. Deputy Smith also called for the government to end the discriminatory u26s Jobseekers rate.
Recently, Minster Varadkar has put forward the idea of increasing social welfare payments to those with more PRSI contributions. People Before Profit believe that what should be done before this is the reversal of the cuts to social welfare that have inflicted massive damage on local communities. The lower rate of Jobseekers for people under the age of 26 is a matter that has to be urgently addressed by the Minister.

Currently people under the age of 26 receive a lower Jobseekers Allowance payment than that of people over the age of 25. People aged 26 and over on Jobseekers receive €188, whereas people ages 25 earn €144 and persons aged 18-24 earn €100 a week.

Deputy Smith said “for the best part of the last eight years successive governments have been using the excuse of the financial crisis in order to slash social welfare payments. Critically though they have targeted the youth. Young people who are looking to avail of Jobseekers are penalised because of their age.
“The government, in not reversing the cuts to social welfare and specifically age based discrimination in the Jobseekers payment, are demonstrating their contempt for young people.
“The government must now reverse the discrimination manifested in their policies towards young people, specifically in the Jobseekers Benefit payment, and restore the cuts to social welfare which are a net to prevent people falling into poverty.”