United Left Alliance will be the radical opposition in the Dáil & will advocate strategy of people power protest against austerity

Speaking at a United Left Alliance press conference today, People Before Profit Alliance TD for Dun Laoghaire, Richard Boyd Barrett said: “The United Left Alliance will be the consistent radical opposition in the Dáil to the Fine Gael/Labour/IMF government. We will use the platform of five Dáil seats to likewise argue for a fundamentally alternative way of organising society in the interests of people before bankers and speculators. We will also use our positions to advocate an active response from working people and the unemployed to the attacks this government want to inflict on them. The United Left Alliance will be active on the ground in the communities, workplaces, schools and colleges building resistance in the form of strikes and people power protests in the months and years ahead. Having made our breakthrough in this election we will go on to build the ULA as a nationally as a mass left alternative to the political establishment.”

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