Allegations government looking for landlords to deduct water charges from deposits

irish_water_splashIn a statement this morning, People Before Profit spokesperson, John Lyons has described the government’s proposed plans to deduct water charges from wages and social welfare as a disgrace. Cllr Lyons has also said that the idea that the government would get landlords to deduct water charges from deposits is basically getting landlords to act as boot boys for Irish Water.

“These proposed changes are a scandal, a real indication of just how desperate this Government is becoming in the face of the biggest mass movement of sustained people power in this state’s history. The Government is basically looking, by hook or by crook, to pick the pockets of honest working people and those struggling to find work, by threatening the issuing of attachment orders on wages and social welfare, in order to finance the toxic entity that is Irish Water. It is an outrage too that the Fine Gael/Labour government is trying to get landlords to act as boot boys for Irish Water.

“If these changes go ahead it will demonstrate clearly that this government has absolutely no regard for the wishes of the people of this country. It will show the total betrayal of the Labour Party of those they claim to represent. Labour are already facing total meltdown and this would be another nail in their coffin.

“I am calling for people to continue to protest and continue to boycott this unjust tax. In the first fifteen months of non-payment in which no penalties will be incurred by anyone, we will bury these water charges, abolish Irish Water and trigger an early general election.”

cllrjohnlyonsCllr John Lyons is a People Before Profit General Election Candidate and Dublin City Councillor representing Dublin North.