People Before Profit’s Richard Boyd Barrett on the Leaders Debate last night on RTE said that thousands of hospital beds have been closed down and that AAA/PBP are proposing a NHS-style system. He says the most expenditure on health anywhere in the world is in the US, but they have some of the worst outcomes with millions having no healthcare. In contrast, in Britain far less money goes to private coffers.

He said that “we don’t need ‘market mechanisms’ in the health service and the irony of the government talking about care in the community is that local services have been cut, leading to chaos in larger centres.” It was also unacceptable that new teachers and nurses are getting such low pay.

On the economy, Boyd Barrett says that in the first instance the next government should ensure that corporations actually pay the full 12.5% rate, rather than 2% and that AAA/PBP will target wealth in place of water charges.

Richard finished up by saying that “AAA/PBP want to see a society based on real solidarity, where the wealth is shared in an equal way. We want to end the discrimination of women who can’t control their own bodies by repealing the Eight Amendment, end the discrimination of the youth and of the disabled. We want to end Civil War politics and the golden circle of cronyism.”

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