People Before Profit TD urges public to join national day of protests against water charges and unjust austerity tomorrow
Richard Boyd Barrett to address demonstrations in both Dun Laoghaire & Dublin City Centre tomorrow

In a statement this afternoon, Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit TD and member of Right2Water steering committee, has urged the public to join the national day of protests organised by the Right2Water Campaign.

Tomorrow’s protest is part of a sustained campaign planned for the weeks running into the General election and will include another demonstration on the last Saturday before the election.
Protests will take place in over 30 locations nationwide.
Protest in Dun Laoghaire 11am- assemble at People’s Park.
Dublin City Centre Assemble 2pm Christchurch and Connolly Station, marching to GPO for 3pm rally. 
Richard Boyd Barrett said, “It’s vitally important that we get tens of thousands on the streets tomorrow across the country to send a message to the Fine Gael- Labour government that the unprecedented popular rebellion against water changes and austerity has not gone away.”
Vast numbers of people do not believe the nonsense from this government that they have done a good job over the last five years. In reality this government has cruelly betrayed their pre-election promises to protect the vulnerable and have instead visited brutal attacks on the least well-off, have savaged our public services and generated an unprecedented crisis in homelessness and in our health services”.
We have seen through some of the biggest protests in the history of the state and an enormous popular boycott, that the majority of people oppose these water charges and that this or any future government has no mandate to impose this unfair austerity tax.
Alan Kelly is deluding himself if he thinks this issue has gone away and will regret his foolish comments as we see people pour on to the streets tomorrow and over the coming weeks.
The fight against water charges and tomorrow’s protest is not just about one unjust charge. it is about all the unfair austerity. The people marching tomorrow are marching for a different kind of politics and a different type of society based on equality, fairness and solidarity”.