Richard Boyd Barrett TD joins opposition TDs in walk-out in protest at water charges

water billThe Water Services Bill 2013, which will see the introduction of water charges and the wholesale transfer of infrastructure from local authorities to Irish Water is being rammed through the dáil today.

People Before Profit TD, Richard Boyd Barrett said today during the debate in the dáil that “it is a cynical move on behalf of the government to ram through this bill in such an undemocratic fashion”.

The People Before Profit TD walked out of the Dáil chamber today along with other opposition TDs in protest both at the undemocratic manner in which this issue has been debated and in protest at these charges.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “Charging for water to drink, to wash, to live is a despicable act by this government”. “Robbing our water to sell to their mates who will sell it back to us at a profit is totally unacceptable. The shocking back-drop of this is that one of the companies involved is Siteserv – which is owned by Denis O’Brien”.

“I walked out in protest today because the government made any engagement on this issue in a democratic fashion absolutely impossible and in protest against these charges being imposed on the people of the country already suffering immense hardships”.