EU guilty of blatant double standards- no fines for human rights breaches

IMG_0583In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett of People Before Profit, has condemned reports that the EU commission is threatening to fine Ireland following the Irish people’s rejection of domestic water charges. Deputy Boyd Barrett described the recently announced EU ruling on water as an “outrageous subversion of democracy”.

Richard Boyd Barrett said “This is an outrageous and scandalous threat by the EU Commission. This is designed to try to intimidate the people of this country. This is yet another example of the subversion of democracy in the EU. The people of this country have flat out rejected domestic water charges and the EU commission should realise that that is final.

“It is shameful to note that the EU is willing to impose penalties to undermine democratic decisions made by the people in this country in relation to water and will attempt no such enforcement of other matters. Human rights issues such as repeal of the 8th amendment, the continuation of Direct Provision, Ireland’s allocation of refugees or young people being put in adult mental health wards have not been addressed. It is clear as to who the EU Commission represents.

“I question the motives of the EU Commission in making this threat. This shows the EU as an enforcer of corporate interests and a bosses club that is allergic to democracy.”