imageThe Greek No vote is a signal that people will no longer be intimidated by money markets or EU bureaucrats. The leaders of the EU tried to promote a silent coup against the radical left government but failed. They tried to manufacture economic chaos by limiting emergency liquidity funding in order to instil a politics of fear. But the Greek people saw through their manoeuvres. For the moment at least, democracy and dignity have defeated the anonymous power of money.
The Irish political establishment were totally complicit in the EU’s economic terrorism. They wanted to teach their own population a lesson about ‘accepting reality’. But it has re-bounded on them and the painful failures of the Irish elite are now exposed. They have argued that ‘quiet diplomacy’ was the only way to alleviate Irish debt. At one stage they even claimed that their efforts had brought about a ‘game changer’. The Greeks, however, have shown that far more will be achieved by standing up to blackmail than by succumbing to it.
A challenge now faces the Syriza government itself. Their population have voted against austerity and many will be hoping that no further compromises are offered to the EU. The next few days will be a testing time for both the EU leaders and the radical left government.
It is our hope that Syriza resists austerity and are not sucked back into some austerity-lite compromise. If they stand firm they will help to promote the contagion of resistance throughout Europe. If they buckle, however, there is a militant workers movement who can spearhead the fight.
Fear has at last changed sides. The EU elite have now much to worry about. The battle against their tyranny has stepped up a gear.