Jobstown27In a statement, People Before Profit Cllr Bríd Smith has voiced the party’s solidarity with the Jobstown 27 and Paul Murphy TD who have today received court summons for allegedly falsely imprisoning Joan Burton and her assistant. It is alleged that the Táinaiste was falsely imprisoned by anti-austerity protesters.
Cllr Smíth said: “This summons is an absolute disgrace. The government are deliberately using the courts and the Gardaí to persecute people who were legitimately protesting against the Tánaiste and austerity. The idea that Joan Burton was imprisoned is totally ludicrous. Joan Burton, the Labour Party and this government are the real criminals here. Not only have they implemented austerity, cuts and attacked the most vulnerable in our society to achieve a so called recovery but they are now directly attacking people who are exercising their democratic right to protest.
Brid-Smith-2a-241x300Cllr Smith continued to say: “It is totally scandalous what the government is doing. I would like to on behalf of People Before Profit convey our solidarity to the Jobstown 27 and to Paul Murphy. It is totally wrong what is going on. This government implements austerity which disproportionally effects working people and increases the wealth of the 1%. The question I would have is why is it that ordinary people have had to take the full brunt of austerity and the bankers, developers and speculators who caused the crisis are allowed to get away with it? What we can see is that there is a recovery for some, the rich, at the expense of working people and this is defended by this government”.
Cllr Bríd Smith is a general election candidate for People Before Profit in the Dublin South Central Constituency, is a member of the steering group for Right2Water.