People Before Profit has launched a campaign calling for the new green bin charges to be scrapped

CifeXlqWsAAx6e0It was introduced by former environment minister Alan Kelly in the last weeks of his ministry. Richard Boyd Barrett TD said it was an “absolutely disgraceful” action by Mr Kelly.

He said that the move will be “extremely damaging” to the environment, discourage people from recycling and encourage more illegal dumping.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the only beneficiaries would be private and for-profit waste operators which would result in “environmental sabotage”.

Mr Kelly previously stated that the new charge would reduce costs for 87% of homeowners if they sort their waste properly, but Mr Boyd Barrett said: “I don’t think we can believe Alan Kelly at all”.

He said if the charges are introduced, it shows extreme environmental hypocrisy on Mr Kelly’s part. The party claims the charges, introduced by former Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly, are “environmental sabotage”.

New pay by weight fees for recycling are due to take effect in July, a move the party says is for profit interests rather than environmental concerns.

People Before Profit TD Brid Smith, says the service should remain free of charge. She said: “We haven’t up to now been charged for recycling, we haven’t paid for the recycling content of the green bin, and there’s a reason for that. “It is because recycling is good for the environment and now we are told that we must pay for it when it in itself generates a profit. So the activity of people separating their rubbish and putting it into green bins rather than everything into a black bin creates a profit for the companies that collect it.”