People Before Profit leader Richard Boyd Barrett to make last canvassing push in Dun Laoghaire today

pbplogo small copyPeople Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said he expects People Before Profit to make very significant gains in tomorrow’s local elections and seriously contest for Dublin European seat.

Speaking in Dublin this morning he said he believes People Before Profit could double or treble its representation in Dublin after tomorrow’s poll.

Richard Boyd Barrett will be making a last push in his Dun Laoghaire constituency this morning and this afternoon where People Before Profit confidently expect to increase their representation in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council and will be canvassing with candidates – Cllr Melisa Halpin, Karl Gill, Lola Hynes, Cllr Hugh Lewis and Cillian Doyle-  in that area today.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “We are getting an overwhelming response and there is no doubt we are going to make significant gains across Dublin. The Labour party is getting absolutely annihilated on the doors and there is no doubt but that People Before Profit will do very well”.

Richard will be canvassed this morning at Killiney Shopping Centre with Cllr Hugh Lewis and Cillian Doyle and at Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre  with Cllr Melisa Halpin and Karl Gill.

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