harbourIn a statement today, People Before Profit Dun Laoghaire, welcomed the decision of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Co Council to pass a motion amending the new County Development Plan which will exclude Cruise ships bigger than 250 metres from Dun Laoghaire harbour

People Before Profit Councillors Melisa Halpin and Karl Gill  proposed the motion to protect the harbour into the future by only allowing the small cruise ships to come directly into the Harbour. All other ships would have to dock in the bay and come in by tender or go to the larger cruise berth in Dublin Port. 

The passing of the motion comes, while An Bord Pleanala are currently considering an application by Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company to build a giant cruise berth in the harbour to allow for super-size cruise ships of up to 430 metres in length.

Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit TD and chair of Save Our Seafront said: “Save Our Seafront is delighted with this news , which will now have to be taken into account by An Bord Pleanala in their current consideration of the cruise berth planning application. This is a huge victory for people power. We have been campaigning for nearly a year against a new Cruise Berth that would allow mega cruise ships come into our harbour, and which is linked to other plans to build hundreds of private apartments in the harbour. It is clear that public pressure, mobilized in meetings protests and petitions, is working. ”

“Dun Laoghaire harbour is at a cross roads since Stena left. The Harbour Company sees the future in these supersized monsters, we believe there is a different vision of the harbour – one which will safeguard traditional harbour users like the million people who walk the pier and those who fish and sail, while also developing the harbour in their interests. Super sized cruise ships in our harbour would shift the balance decisively away from the harbour as an amenity, we want to see the harbour maintaining the balance that it has always had as both a working harbour and an amenity.”

Cllr Melisa Halpin added: “The new draft of the County Development Plan will now include a number of motions that are totally incompatible with the super sized cruise ships. Our motion rules out ships bigger than 250 metres coming into the harbour, we also agreed motions to maintain only low rise development in the harbour and support a National Water Sports Centre. “