mar eq mtgLast night People Before Profit in Dun Laoghaire launched their campaign for a YES vote in the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum in May.

Speaking to the meeting of 30 locals was Cllr Karl Gill and Richard Boyd Barrett TD of People Before Profit as well as Denise Charlton from the Yes Equality Campaign and local Miss Gay Ireland winner Louise Monks.

At the meeting Cllr Karl Gill said: “I am more than confident Dun Laoghaire will vote yes on May 22nd and I am very proud of that. However we need to send an outstanding yes vote to show the entire LGBT population and all the victims of homophobia that we have their back. It will be fantastic if this referendum passes but 51% is not good enough. We need to send a message to the church and all the homophobes that Ireland has changed and we’re not accepting their reactionary nonsense anymore.

mar eq mtg 1It is likely the outcome will be a yes vote in May however we cannot be complacent and overly confident. We need to campaign and ensure that every person who is thinking YES will be showing up to vote YES”.

Chairing the meeting Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett said: “Over the time that I have been active in politics I have seen a massive change in Ireland. People today are far more accepting and tolerant of the gay community than in the past and it is fantastic to see. There has been a political shift in Ireland and we need to make sure that this is reflected in May.

We are urging and appealing everyone here to come on board and campaign with us. Over the next few weeks People Before Profit will be actively campaigning by canvassing, leafleting and holding stalls across the locality. If you are interested in getting involved then please get in touch”.