cllrjohnlyonsAhead of this evening’s meeting of Dublin City Council, Cllr John Lyons, on behalf of the People Before Profit Alliance, has submitted an emergency motion in response to a proposal from city officials to sell on the private owner-occupier market 44 residential units in the New Priory development (formerly Priory Hall), Donaghmede, Dublin 13, units currently owned by Dublin City Council .

Cllr Lyons’s motion calls on the council’s elected representatives to reject the management’s proposal to sell the 44 units in Phase 1 of the New Priory development and instead allocate those units to the families, couples and single people on the local area housing list, the longest in the city of Dublin.

Speaking ahead of this evening’s meeting, Cllr Lyons, who represents the Donaghmede area, said: “It is quite clear to me that this proposal to sell on the private market residential units currently owned by Dublin City Council is yet another indicator that those at both local and national government level have no desire to end the crisis in housing and homelessness that the people of this city are experiencing.”

“Our housing list is the longest it has ever been, with over 22,000 applicants, representing some 44,000 people, struggling with high rents in the private sector and overcrowded conditions in the homes of family and friends as they wait years for the national and local authorities to build new houses. The crisis of homelessness is reaching ever more dire proportions with each passing month, currently in Dublin over 2,000 children within 1,000 families are living in emergency accommodation.”

“We in People Before Profit Alliance believe that the housing and homelessness crisis will only be resolved when the state intervenes,” Cllr Lyons continued. “A national public housing construction programme is the only way to address the chronic shortage of housing across the county, as the private market isn’t interested unless huge profits can be made.

“Alongside the public provision of thousands of new homes for those on housing lists across the city and country must come the raising of the income thresholds for social housing eligibility, to allow those currently earning more than the allowable amounts but unable to purchase a house on the private market have the opportunity to secure a home for themselves and their families.

“On Dublin City Council,” Cllr Lyons concluded, “myself and my fellow People Before Profit councillors will continue to demand public housing for all who want and need it, and we will continue to oppose any proposal from council officials that seeks to sell-off public lands to private developers and residential units currently in public control on the private market.”