Tax Justice to fund action on housing, health and inequality

PBP - Pre-Budget Statement 2016

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At a press conference today, the People Before Profit Alliance presented its pre-budget statement for 2016. 

The central theme of PBPA’s budget was the need for emergency action and increased spending in areas such as housing, the health service and to address income and wealth inequality.

PBPA believe shifting the tax burden to ensure a greater tax contribution from the corporate sector, those on higher earnings and those with significant personal wealth can generate the much needed funds to address the crisis in our public services and growing poverty and deprivation.

A summary of the measures proposed in the PBPA budget statement include:

  • Abolish property tax; water charges; and the USC for salaries below €70,000
  • Reverse the cuts to social welfare and end age discrimination
  • Expand Health funding in all areas.
  • Restore the jobs and public services that have been run down
  • Emergency programme of social housing and investment in rent support and homelessness
  • Invest in Education and develop proper child care facilities

Full Statement available here: PBP-Pre Budget Statement 2016

Speaking at the launch LtoR: Cllr Brid Smith, Ailbhe Smyth, Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Speaking at the Pre-Budget launch: Cllr Brid Smith, Ailbhe Smyth & Richard Boyd Barrett TD