Richard Boyd Barrett & other candidates at Election Campaign Launch

Cllr. Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit and United Left Alliance candidate for Dun Laoghaire commented: “People Before Profit, as part of the United left Alliance, is a real alternative to the mainstream political establishment who are all committed to the same policies of cutbacks and austerity. We want to put the interests of people first by burning the bondholders, ending the bank bailouts and reversing cuts to pay, social welfare and public services. Instead we will invest in jobs, housing, health and education. “A Fine Gael-Labour ‘alternative’ government led by Enda Kenny will change very little. They will not reverse the cuts. They will continue with the bailouts of the banks and bondholders. They will support an IMF deal that hands control of the economy to unelected, bureaucrats. This strategy is not only unjust it is economic madness.”

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