Nicky Coules, a local councillor from Tallaght, has been nominated to stand in the Dublin South West Bye Election for People Before Profit.

nickypic2Nicky Coules is a retired plumber who has lived for the past thirty years in Jobstown. He was elected as a councillor in the recent May local election

In a statement, Nicky Coules said, ‘This election should be turned into a referendum on the water charges. These are due to start on October 1st with the first bills arriving in January. The government received no mandate to introduce these charges and, before the election, the Labour Party indicated that they were opposed.

‘The charges will start at €278 a year for an average household of two adults and two children. They will rise after that and one former ESRI economist has estimated that they will soon reach €600. There is, however, no need for these charges.

‘The government could have invested the €1 million it will cost to install meters in fixing the leaking pipe system. That would have conserved 40 percent of our water.

‘They could also have chosen to impose a Robin Hood tax on financial speculation as this would have raised between €500 million and €700 million. But they think that ordinary people are an easier target than the financial vultures.

‘I will be emphasising how people power can beat the water charges. Mass protests stopped the introduction of domestic water charges in the 1990s and we can do the same again.

‘I shall also be campaigning on the issue of workers’ right. I have spent the last few weeks supporting the Greyhound workers who are standing up against pay cuts. I am also aware that there are many young people facing gross exploitation from unscrupulous employers who are using the recession to slash wages.

‘For too long the Irish political scene has been dominated by barristers and upper professionals. I am putting myself forward as a working class person from Jobstown who knows the reality of living with poverty and austerity. It is time that voice was heard in Dail Eireann.