Public Meeting to be held in Sallynoggin on  Monday 19th at 7.30pm

karl gillIn a meeting today between the National Transport Authority (NTA) and Dun LaoghaireRathdown County Councillors, including People Before Profit Councillor Karl Gillthe NTA has stated that a number of proposed changes by Dublin Bus may now not be going ahead as intended. 

The good news is that there will be no changes to 59 and 45a, the 7 will stay in Blackrock and the 111 will be retained.  But questions still remain on No.7 in Sallynoggin.

Officials from the NTA have promised:
Sallynoggin will still have a link to Dublin city and St. Vincent’s Hospital – but it is not clear if this will be the 7 as we know it.

  • No.7 to remain in Blackrock Village 
  • No changes to the no.59 in Killiney Village
  • The 111 to be retained and extended to Loughlinstown Hospital and Brides Glen
  • The 45a to remain unchanged
  • There may be a bus going on the Sallyglen Road
  • Numbers of buses to Loughlinstown remain curtailed

In a statement following the meeting Cllr Karl Gill, People Before Profit commented: “Clearly our campaign and the sheer level of public opposition to this has had an impact. It remains unclear what exactly all of this will mean and what the people of Sallynoggin and Loughlinstown will think about all of this but we need to ask them. It was clear to me in the meeting that the ambition to reduce the time it takes a bus to go somewhere and the drive to increase the profitability of routes has taken precedence far above the social needs of people in the community. These proposed changes were ridiculous, with no consideration given to the elderly and the disabled in calculating these reroutes. People Before Profit will now consult with the people of the affected areas”.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD added: “While on the face of it some of the news from today seems positive however it is atrocious that the people of Loughlinstown will have a reduced service in terms of the number 7. We are still to learn exactly what will happen in terms of Sallynoggin and the Sallyglen road but whatever it is, it is vital that the local community are fully consulted and listened to. People Before Profit have organised a public meeting to take place in the Sallynoggin Inn next Monday night and there we will hear what people think and if needs be plan the next steps in the campaign. So far the local community should pat themselves on the back for all their lobbying and campaigning on the issue but at the same time we can’t be complacent. The details of today’s meeting need to be elaborated, fleshed out and confirmed in writing.

Again it seems that local people power has hit a blow against a national authority’s objective to put profit above the needs of the community.”

There will be a public meeting in the Sallynoggin Inn at 7.30pm on Monday the 19th to report to the community and get feedback. All welcome.