cllrjohnlyonsPeople Before Profit spokesperson, John Lyons, has called for a massive reaction to the government’s policies of austerity and that the Right2Water protest this Saturday, March 21, is the best way to fight back against austerity. Cllr Lyons has made the call for people in Ireland to reaffirm their solidarity with all those across Europe who bear the brunt of austerity to come out in force this Saturday for the Right2Water demonstration. 
Cllr Lyons said “Irish Water is on its last legs. We now need to deliver the knock out blow and destroy the monstrosity which is Irish Water. The government has been given a message loud and clear by the people of this country that we do not want and cannot afford to pay their regressive water tax so that we can pay off rich bondholders and bankers debts. It is time to force home the issue and tell them once and for all no way, we won’t pay!”. 
“Alan Kelly signed the means for Irish Water to take our personal information from An Post and Saturday is the chance to fight back against not only water charges but the betrayal of the government, especially the Labour Party. It is also a chance to send a message to all those in Europe, in countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal, who are fighting austerity in their own way that the people of this country are with them all the way”.
Cllr John Lyons is a People Before Profit Councillor in Dublin City Council for Beaumont/Donaghmede.