Coveney is fast becoming Alan Kelly 2.0

In a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, of People Before Profit has said the recent housing announcement by Minister Simon Coveney is just a rehashing of the failed, market driven policies that have made the housing crisis worse.

The Ministers announcement for extra funds for servicing land equates to the same failed policies of providing more subsidies for developers and builders. The Minister says that more money is being provided and yet nothing has changed in regards to the housing crisis.

It is now clear that Minister Simon Coveney is fast becoming Alan Kelly 2.0 as his announcements replicate past announcements of former Minister Kelly- all talk and no action.

Mr Boyd Barrett said: “The latest announcement from Housing Minister Simon Coveney has alerted concerns that we have had that this Minister is quickly becoming Alan Kelly 2.0 in that he is rehashing failed and naive policies which will have no effect and will fail to improve the housing crisis in this country. The Minister is also suggesting that local authorities are bypassed in a move that will simply offer a bonanza to private developers and builders in which they would make a killing off publically owned land.

“It is obvious that the recent announcements by Minister Coveney equates to more subsidies for private developers and builders; the very people who caused this crisis in the first place. The current Minister has today announced that funding is not an issue. This is reminiscent of Alan Kelly overtures as Minister for Housing, during which nothing was done to resolve the crisis.

“In 2015, the government built 75 council houses in the whole of the state. This is outrageous and it is clear that 2016 will not be much better.

“The Minister, instead of putting his head in the sand and relying on old failed policies, should take on board our demands for tens of thousands of council houses to be built every year for the next five years at a minimum. If we do not take radical action now and use the state to build council houses, impose rent controls, uses NAMA’s resources to house people and declare a national housing emergency then this crisis is condemned to roll on and on and get worse.”