rbb housingMotion sent to Finance Committee calling for Minister for Finance, Department of Finance officials and former senior IBRC figures to give evidence on Siteserv and other IBRC transactions.

PPBA TD says Minister Noonan, Finance Department, Mike Aynsley, Alan Dukes and Denis O’Brien should answer questions publicly before Finance committee.

Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit TD and member of Joint Committee on Finance Public Expenditure and Reform has today written to committee chairperson Liam Twomey requesting that the matter of the sale of Siteserv by IBRC and other similar transactions, and the involvement of the Minister for Finance and the Department of Finance be examined by the committee.

Deputy Boyd Barrett has put down a motion for the next meeting of the Joint Committee, which will take place on Wednesday 29th April, calling for Minister Noonan, Department of Finance officials, Mike Aynsley, Alan Dukes and other relevant parties, such as Denis O’Brien to answer questions before the committee on the controversial Siteserv sale and other similar IBRC transactions.

Richard Boyd Barrett said,

“It is in the public interest that the extremely murky circumstances surrounding the sale of Siteserv by IBRC and other similar transactions should be investigated urgently and in an open and transparent manner.

Minister Noonan, Department of Finance officials, Mike Aynsley, Alan Dukes, Denis O’Brien and others involved all have very serious questions to answer. We are talking about €100 million worth of debt in one transaction alone that was written down with public money by a financial institution whose previous activities had bankrupted and beggared the nation. We are talking of very serious questions about why one bid in what was, even at the time, a very controversial transaction, was preferred over other bids and whether the public interest and public money were properly protected.

Given the huge contract for installing water meters that was then given to a Siteserv subsidiary and the huge public controversy surrounding that issue it is absolutely imperative that this whole matter is openly and publicly examined.

Now that the Comptroller and Auditor General has confirmed that he does not have the legal power to investigate this matter, the Finance Committee should step in and look for the answers that the public are demanding”.