People Before Profit Alliance Dublin City Councillors Denounce Labour Minister Alan Kelly’s Interference in Development Plan Process

cllrjohnlyonsDublin City Council yesterday received a disgraceful letter from Ministers Kelly and Coffey instructing that Councillors refrain from introducing ‘unreasonable’ building standards or anxilliary services in the new City Development Plan. PBPA Cllr. John Lyons said: ‘It is preposterous that the Ministers would interfere in the development plan process in this way, one of the few remaining reserved functions of the democratically elected representatives. It flies in the face of democracy and is tantamount to Ministerial lobbying on behalf of the construction industry’.
Cllr. Lyons continued: ‘Public representatives are elected to serve in the best interests of the communities who elected them. The Ministers imply in their letter that building standards are the reason why government are not building the homes needed to end the housing crisis. They would do well to do the right thing by the people by defying the stringent EU budgetary regulations, borrowing the monies necessary and embarking immediately on a mass programme of home building’.

Also commenting on the Ministers’ letter, Cllr. Brid Smith stated: ‘The reality is that housing is currently being built that does not even comply with existing development plan guidelines in relation to services such as schools, public transport, recreational spaces and employment hubs. In the past, we have seen the disastrous social and economic consequences of developments in places such as Ballyfermot, Ballymun and Tallaght where anxilliary services were not provided for. People in our communities deserve only the very best standards of housing and community infrastructure that is available by international standards and Minister Kelly in particular would do well to expect the best for and do best by our communities’.