Government getting cosy with ‘cowboy’ property-developers and bankers, a return to boom and bust, casino governance

People Before Profit say it is disgraceful that the government are getting back into bed with some of the key players, such as bankers and property developers, who helped cause the property bubble in Ireland.

It has been reported in the Irish Independent that Finance Minister Michael Noonan has attended a private meeting with a number of Celtic Tiger developers including Johnny Ronan and Michael O’Flynn. The meeting was held in the luxury Marker Hotel in Dublin’s Docklands.

cllrjohnlyonsPeople Before Profit spokesperson, Cllr John Lyons, said that “this is absolutely scandalous because it shows that the government has not learned from the mistakes of the past and we look like heading back to the casino practices of old, this time under Fine Gael”.

Cllr John Lyons said “it is totally disgraceful that the government is opening up dialogue with some of the key figures that fuelled the property bubble” Cllr Lyons asked “have we learned nothing?”

Cllr Lyons went on to point out that “it is clear that this government has not learned from the mistakes of the past because all the signals are there again. Property prices and rents are flying up and the Government are giving tax breaks, such as REITs, and snuggling up to cowboy developers and bankers”