joan-burtonIn a statement this morning, Richard Boyd Barrett TD slammed the Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton for another covert cut to those in need of carers allowance.

The People Before Profit TD,  submitted an amendment to the Social Protection Bill to ensure that the doctors of those in need of care will still have input into the process of granting Carers Allowance however the government refused to accept this amendment.
Currently applications for Carers Allowance include a certification by a GP of the care needed. The new bill moves the decision process from a GP and a departmental Medical Assessor to a lay Deciding Officer.
Speaking in the Dail to his amendment to the Social Protection Bill, Deputy Boyd Barrett said: “This change to the process for granting carer’s allowance is yet another cut in the Tanaiste’s long list of cuts to social welfare supports for some of the most vulnerable. Minister Burton’s attempt to limit the input of Medical Professionals in the process is a crude attempt to save money and will have a major impact on families that are struggling to look after the sick, the disabled and the elderly.”
“It is utterly ludicrous that a GP will testify that a patient is in need of full time care and that this professional opinion will be disregarded by a faceless administrator who will never have met either the applicant or the person in need of care.”