Anything other than a Yes vote in the Marriage Equality referendum would be a denial of human rights
Essential for young people to get out and vote
Cllr Barry MartinPeople Before Profit spokesperson on Youth Affairs, Barry Martin, has called for people to not be complacent in the upcoming marriage equality referendum. He has also said that it is crucial for young people to get out and vote in this referendum. Cllr Maritn who represents Fingal county council has said that everyone must get out on the 22nd of May and exercise their vote and vote yes. Cllr Martin has also said that anything other than a yes vote is a denial of human rights.
“It is vitally important that people get out on the day (22nd May) and exercise their vote. This is important because some people may feel that the referendum will pass anyway. I am calling for people to not become complacent. Everyone needs to realise that we can not sit back and let someone else take care of this issue. Every vote counts, get out and vote yes is my message. As a young person myself I think it is extremely important for young people to get out and vote in this referendum as it is a referendum that will have a massive impact on young people. Young LGBTQ people have a chance to achieve the equality. I feel as a young person that it is my duty to help achieve a more equal society. For me this means voting yes.
“This is a very important referendum. What it is about fundamentally is the most basic rights being extended to LGBTQ people, the right to marry. People who are considering to vote no need to consider that it may effect someone they know or are related to. I am imploring these people to consider that this could effect someone they love, do not deny people the same rights that you have. People who do not have full human rights are in fact second class citizens. We cannot have second class citizens, we must have equality for everyone in this country and move away from bigotry.
“I am looking forward to the referendum because it will be a very important day for Ireland. I will be voting yes and I would ask people to vote yes as well so that we can have more equality in this country for all. I am also imploring young people to get out and vote in this referendum and above all to vote yes”.
The Marriage Equality referendum will take place on the 22 May 2015. Barry Martin is a People Before Profit county councillor in Fingal Country Council.