PBPA TD predicts huge turn-out for weekend demonstration as thousands flock to community and street meetings across the country

rbb water chargesIn a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit TD has said that a massive and unprecedented popular revolt is underway against water charges and that this forms the background to the growing crisis facing the government on the issue, and the recent comments criticising Irish Water by former minister, Fergus O’Dowd.

Deputy Boyd Barrett, who has played a leading role in establishing the recently launched Right2Water Campaign, said that thousands of people have been flocking to community and street meetings across the country over the last two weeks, as part of the mobilisation campaign for a national demonstration that will take place in Dublin, this Saturday (October  11th).

Deputy Boyd Barrett predicted a huge turn-out for this Saturday’s protest, but said the demonstration would only be start of a campaign that will escalate over the coming months, as the countdown to the arrival of the first water charge bills in January of next year.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD said: “Fergus O’Dowd’s criticism of Irish water is an indication of the fear that is now gripping government TD’s as they witness the simply massive revolt that is now underway in communities, the length and breadth of the country.

While the government has arrogantly smothered itself in deluded self-congratulation over it so-called “success” with the economy – in the real world, fury and anger is gripping hundreds of thousands of people across the country over water charges.”

“Over the last three weeks, I have been speaking almost every night at public meetings, held in community centres and on greens in estates across Dublin, attended by hundreds and hundreds of furious residents.  The same has been happening all over the country, where it is clear that a simply massive national revolt is underway against these hated water charges. Literally, thousands of people have attended meetings across the country, as part of the mobilisation that is now taking place for this weekend’s demonstration.

It is absolutely clear that the government has badly miscalculated the scale of the anger and opposition to water charges and is going to get a very rude awakening this weekend and over the coming weeks as this campaign begins to escalate.   In my many years involved in campaigning and protests, I have never seen anything quite like what is now happening on the ground in response to the imposition of water charges. Government TDs are not totally stupid. They are now beginning to see this and that is what lies behind Fergus O Dowd’s comments.

After six years of cruel cuts, unjust taxes and crippling austerity, it is clear that huge numbers of people simply cannot take anymore and have decided to stand-up and fight. This may well be the straw that breaks the camels’ back of this government.

I would urge everyone out there who has had enough of savage austerity, broken government promises and unjust taxes to get out on the streets this Saturday and give this government the fright of its life.”