AIB today announced it was slashing 2500 jobs. Responding to the Taoiseach’s statement ULA finance spokesperson Richard Boys Barrett TD said, “Today’s announcement that AIB is slashing 2500 jobs is yet another painful example that it is ordinary workers who are paying for the speculation of the top bankers through job losses and cuts to living standards”.

“Enda Kenny described it as a ‘difficult day’ is an attempt to wash his hands of the decision when AIB is a fully state owned bank. The government can intervene to save these jobs and slash top bankers pay instead.

“Irish taxpayers have pumped €20 Billion into AIB and billions more into other Irish banks. Last year AIB wanted to give its new CEO David Duffy, formerly of Goldman Sacks, a package that would give him over €1 million a year. The €500,000 salary was apparently not good enough. This is the same man who has now slashed 2500 jobs. The workers in the banks are paying for the gambling mistakes of top management.

“The Irish state has pumped billions into the banks and yet we still apparently have no control over their decisions or their lending policies.

“These banks need to be brought under full public control so that we can instruct them to lend out the money that they are currently hoarding in the ECB – €850 billion for all European banks at the last count.

“Instead of slashing jobs workers should be redeployed to other essential state services.

“We can expect more jobs devastation in the coming years if we don’t end this government’s austerity policies and reject the EU austerity treaty”.