A survey by the Irish Independent of Fine Gael TDs has produced a shock result. Only one quarter say they favour abortion in the case of fatal foetal abnormality.

amooneyAnnette Mooney, People Before Profit candidate for Dublin Bay South said: “If only a quarter of Fine Gael TDs agree to terminations in cases of fatal foetal abnormality, it shows that the medieval wing of the party is in the ascendant.

“Only the most barbaric politician would demand that women go through with pregnancy when there is no chance that the foetus can live.

“The total lack of compassion shows that this party will put dogma ahead of real human tragedy. The party prefers to maintain support from its conservative rural base than take the tiniest of steps to give women their rights.

“There is sometimes a myth that Fine Gael is dominated by D4 liberals but this poll shows that these are only a minority. The party remains what it always was – a coalition between the representatives of the big farmers and a small layer, of what its former leader Richard Mulcahy once called, ‘the Donnybrook set’.

“The liberalism of this latter grouping is skin deep. It was the so called liberal leader of Fine Gael, Garrett Fitzgerald, who gave his full backing to the eight amendment. This equated the life of a women with that of a few day old embryo.

“Fine Gael should not be allowed to hide behind Enda Kenny’s promise that the issue will be referred to a citizens’ assembly. Each Fine Gael candidate, who is running for elections should be asked to state clearly their view on this topic.

“From this survey, it is clear that women will never achieve their full rights in Ireland while a conservative party like Fine Gael is in government.

“It is time for change – we need a real left government to legislate for a sharing of the wealth and real equality for women”