Cllr John Lyons of People Before Profit has welcomed today’s decision by president of the High Court, Nicholas Kearns, to release the four jailed anti-water charges activists, Damien O’Neill, Paul Moore, Bernie Hughes and Derek Byrne.

lyonscllrCllr Lyons commented “Although the four activists were freed on a technicality they should never have been jailed to begin with. Their actions in defying a ludicrous order banning protest within 20 meters of a water meter installation were part of a much wider campaign against the imposition of water charges which has seen hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets the length and breadth of the country.”

A major demonstration, organised by the Right 2 Water campaign, will take place in Dublin on March 21st. John Lyons concluded, “This represents another victory for the anti-water charges movement and people will once again take to the streets in their thousands on March 21st to continue the opposition to water charges and demand the abolition of Irish Water”