pbp water charges In a statement responding to the publication of figures by Irish Water showing 57% have not paid their first water bill, Richard Boyd Barrett, People Before Profit TD, and member of the Right2Water Campaign Steering committee has said, the level of non-compliance indicates a further escalation of the national popular rebellion against water charges.

Richard Boyd Barrett said,

“Irish Water are utterly deluding themselves if they think these figures represent a “good start”.

The figures show the national popular rebellion against the water tax is clearly escalating and shows the campaign to abolish water charges and dismantle Irish Water can succeed”.

A majority of people have refused to pay these unjust charges, this is around double the number of those who refused to register- clear evidence the campaign is rapidly growing, not diminished.

If I were the government and Irish water I would be extremely worried now. Clearly all the bribes, threats, bullying and propaganda have failed to deter ordinary people from continuing their resistance against a clearly regressive and unjust charge.

If the government had any respect for democracy and the will of the people they would take this message for what it is, an overwhelming rejection of water charges by the citizens of this country.

These figures show that the continuing and growing boycott of water charges along with further planned mass demonstrations in the run in to the general election can secure a victory in the campaign against water charges”.