Cllr Barry MartinIn a statement, People Before Profit spokesperson, Barry Martin has called the new developments of Irish Water inaccurate billing a ‘joke’ and shows that it is close to defeat. Reports have surfaced this morning that Irish Water will be issuing ‘hundreds of thousands of incorrect bills’ according to RTE. Mr Martin also said that Irish Water is loosing and getting desperate.
“This shows that Irish Water is being defeated. We need to keep going, keep protesting and maintain the campaign of non-payment”. continued Mr Martin.
Mr Martin said “it has been clear from day one that Irish Water is a disaster. This is just another example proving this point that Irish Water are getting desperate. It has wasted money on consultants, legal fees and bonuses which all have nothing to with improving the water system in this country and now it is continuing its ineptitude by sending out incorrect bills. It is really quite astounding, it is an absolute joke”.
“It is obvious that this is a last, desperate act to try to get people to sign up for Irish Water. They must not be aware of the mass display of public protest last weekend. Tens of thousands of people marched demonstrating clearly that they will not pay this hated water tax” said Mr Martin.