People Before Profit TD says Irish people should support today’s General strike and growing protests in Greece against latest austerity deal
imageIn a statement, Richard Boyd Barrett has said the IMF’s warning that Greece needs a major write-down of debt in contrast to hard-line stance of the Eurozone, confirms that “the Greek people are victims of pure political bullying by the EU, not sound or sustainable economic policy.

Deputy Boyd Barrett condemned “the particularly disgraceful role of the Irish government” who had, according to the former Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, “acted as the enemies” of Greece in not seeking a write-down of their unsustainable debt.

Deputy Boyd Barrett said that he fully supported the general strike and mass protests taking place today in Greece against the new EU austerity package and “the tragic decision of Tsipras Government to accept such a humiliating deal”.

The People before Profit TD said he was travelling to Greece this weekend to speak at a conference of the left in Athens, where he would be “pledging the support of PBPA to the political forces and protests in Greece opposed to the austerity deal”.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “The IMF has confirmed what any child could see, namely that Schauble and the EU bullies, including our government, refused Greece a debt write-down and relief from austerity, for political reasons. Their aim was to crush political opposition to austerity.

It’s totally shameful and the role of Enda Kenny, Michael Noonan and Joan Burton in all of this has been particularly despicable. However, the battle is not over by any means. There is a massive general strike in Greece today and protest building against the tragic decision of Tsipras government to capitulate to the EU’s shameful bullying.

The Tsipras government does not have the mandate to accept this terrible deal after the referendum a week ago and the people of Greece are right to take to the streets.

They are fighting for all of us by striking and taking to the streets today, and people should support those protests regardless of the decisions of the Tsipras government.

I will be travelling to Greece this weekend to extend the solidarity of PBPA to those forces that are continuing the fight for debt relief and an end to austerity.
The huge support for the water charges boycott here in Ireland will be a message of hope for the people of Greece that they are not alone in fighting the disaster of austerity.

This is a battle, whether here, in Greece, or anywhere, that was always going to be won on the streets, not in negotiations with the bad faith partners of the EU elites”.