In a statement, People Before Profit have said that if the Taoiseach is serious about LGBTQ rights he should be demanding full participation of gay rights groups in the New York City St Patrick’s Day parade.The Taoiseach should be pressing this very important issue with officials in the United States.
Cllr Barry MartinPeople Before Profit spokesperson, Cllr Barry Martin, said “The Taoiseach has not been consistent with his advocacy of LGBTQ rights. He needs to push for full LGBTQ participation in the New York City parade otherwise he proves he is not fully committed to the LGBTQ equality cause”.
Cllr Martin continued to say “it is disgraceful that the Taoiseach has not been more vocal about the serious under-representation of LGBTQ groups in the St Patrick’s Day parades. He should follow the example of New York City mayor Bill de Balsio, who is boycotting the New York City parade, and boycott the gala lunches and events he is attending in Washington on St Patrick’s Day in solidarity with the LGBTQ community”.
“If Enda Kenny is serious about LGBTQ rights he needs to do more than he is currently doing. He need to speak up an be heard” said Cllr Martin.

Cllr Barry Martin was elected councillor for the Balbriggan ward to Fingal County Council with the People Before Profit Alliance.