No more council houses to be built… 400 RAS tenants removed from housing list …. 1000s more could be thrown off in the coming months …


Government instructs Councils to stop building council housing


Mon 12 September 6pm

Issued by Richard Boyd Barrett

Further info: Cllr Melisa Halpin 086 3805793; Cllr Hugh Lewis 086 7814523

The new government’s housing regulations mean that thousands of people waiting up to eight or nine years on Council lists are now never going to get a Council home that they can call their own.

  • The government has announced that they will no longer build any council houses.
  • They intend to house most housing applicants in private accommodation owned by landlords and developers through leasing arrangements.
  • 400 hundred Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) tenants were recently removed from Council housing list.
  • Thousands of others on the housing list have not even been informed of the new housing rules but when they reach the top of the list, many of them will discover that the only housing on offer is RAS or a long term lease. Many more will be told the no longer “need” a house or they are no longer “eligible” for a house. This has already started to happen to housing applicants who have been on the list for many years.

There are currently 345,000 empty units in the country and 55,000 on the housing waiting list. Most of these empty units were built by now bankrupt developers or the banks that loaned these speculators money – banks which are now being bailed out with public money. Instead of legislating to end this crazy situation and take these houses into public ownership for social use, the Fine Gael/Labour Government has brought in legislation that will see landlords and developers, who already get €1bn every year of public funds, get even richer on taxpayers money. Meanwhile, it will do absolutely nothing for those who have already waited years for houses of their own. This is the privatisation of social housing by the back door. It is a disgrace that this is happening with the Labour Party in government. The Labour Party’s election manifesto promised “high quality, accessible social housing”. Now there is a Labour Minister for Housing standing over these disgusting new regulations. But we should not be surprised. This is the price that ordinary people are paying for the Labour/Fine Gael government’s disgraceful decision to implement the EU/IMF programme which demands vicious cut backs in all areas of public spending. We need to call a halt to this now and demand houses for everyone. A Housing Action Campaign has been set up in Dun Laoghaire after a successful public meeting in July. This campaign has requested a meeting with Eamon Gilmore and the Minister for Housing, Willie Penrose. The only way to have your voices heard is to put feet on the street, the Housing Action Campaign has called a protest at the Council meeting on Mon 12 Sept at 6pm. Please come and bring friends and family.

Further information: Cllr Melisa Halpin 086 3805793; Cllr Hugh Lewis 086 7814523