Greyhound workers.

Cllr Gino Kenny, People Before Profit standing with striking Greyhound workers

We call on Greyhound to immediately reinstate the workers under their original terms and conditions and to then enter the Labour Court for honest and transparent negotiations with the striking workers and their representatives.

It would be an absolute outrage if any worker was to go to prison for simply defending their job and conditions. There will be outrage and fury across the trade union and labour movement and working class communities across the country if this happens. The Greyhound dispute has taken a sinister turn today (Thursday 4th of September) as it emerges that Michael Buckley has served a High Court motion on nine of the locked out striking workers. Buckley is seeking an order from the High Court which includes seizing workers homes so as to compensate him for loss of earnings and threats of imprisonment. This brings the treatment of these workers to a new low as their family homes are put at risk.

The public representatives and the Greyhound Workers Support Group will do everything in their power to mobilise mass protests in response to the imprisonment of any worker.

We call on Michael Buckley to immediately call off this outrageous legal threat to workers and their families, which is tantamount to a gun to their heads.

We further call on the entire trade union and workers movement to support these workers as the threat against them is a threat against all workers.

We urge people to support the workers at the picket line Crag Avenue Clondalkin and to join the protest called at the High Court, to coincide with the hearing on Friday 5th September at 10.30am.

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

Joan Collins TD

Joe Higgins TD

Ruth Coppinger TD

Clare Daly TD

Cllr. Pat Dunne, Cllr. Gino Kenny, Cllr. Tina MacVeigh, Cllr. Michael O’Brien, Cllr. Cieran Perry, Cllr. Brid Smith, Cllr. John Lyons, Cllr. Andrew Keegan, Cllr. Sonya Stapleton and The Greyhound Workers Support Group