People Before Profit reiterate the call for the Government and unions to reject the IAG bid for Aer Lingus
indexPeople Before Profit demand that the Government and unions reject the bid from IAG for Aer Lingus for the Governments 25.1% stake in the airline. It has been reported that IAG Chief Executive Willie Walsh is meeting with unions today to discuss the issue.
People Before Profit spokesperson Cllr John Lyons has called on the bid to be rejected. Cllr Lyons said “it is absolutely vital that this bid is rejected by the government and the unions because no matter what Mr Walsh says, there will be job losses, pay reductions and erosion of working conditions if IAG buys the government’s stake in Aer Lingus”. “The Unions have a responsibility to protect the workers”. said Cllr Lyons.
“The government who is supposedly about jobs, jobs, jobs need to protect the jobs, in Aer Lingus rather than sell the workers out and leave their livelihoods in the hands of a private company whos only concern is maximising profit no matter the cost to their workers” said Cllr John Lyons.