One rule for the rich and another for everyone else apparent in recent home repossession applications by banks

Government facilitating evictions at behest of Troika

rbbIn a statement, People Before Profit TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, has commented on the 4,500 home repossessions that have been applied for by the banks since the start of the year. According to the Irish Times today banks have applied for 4,500 home repossessions since the start of the year with 82% of these being primary homes.

Richard Boyd Barrett said: “In 2013 this government rewrote the Land and Conveyancing Act 2009 to get around the loophole found in the 2009 Act by the Dunne judgement. This loophole prevented those who took out mortgages before 2009 from being evicted. The government have tried to facilitate evictions at the behest of the Trokia. This can be seen in the Memorandum of Understanding.

“This is a total disgrace for the government to facilitate the banks to do this. What this also shows is that the government is not serious about preventing people becoming homeless.

“Contrast this behavior with the €1bn in write downs received by private interests while ordinary people who find themselves in mortgage arrears are being punished brutally and being kicked out of their homes. Look at the €100 million written off for SiteServ. There is serious hypocrisy on display here from the government.  Ordinary people are being put on the housing list for years and years and end up living in unsuitable temporary accommodation, into private state paid homes or in cars, in tents and in the most extreme circumstances on the streets.

“Bald faced greed by banks and speculators are the reason why ordinary people have been pushed into this situation. In 2009 the people of this state bailed out the banks. Now we have a situation where these state owned banks are evicting people for the mess that these state owned institutions have caused. This government is facilitating this by giving write downs on debts for the very people who cause the economy to crash and eroding legislative protection for people in mortgage arrears.

“It is abundantly clear that we have one rule for the rich in this country and another for everyone else.”