International Protection Bill facilitates cruel and fast-tracked deportation

rbb housingIn a statement this afternoon, Richard Boyd Barrett slammed the government’s International Protection bill which was debated in the Dáil today. Today’s debate was guillotined and follows a guillotine imposed in the Seanad on Monday. Given that over 400 amendments, including 90 government amendments were submitted to this bill since its publication on 17th November it is clear that a bill with such serious ramifications should be debated in an appropriate time-frame. The debate will resume and be completed on Wednesday 16th December.

The bill is being rushed through despite organisations such as The Irish Refugee Council, NASC, The Migrant Rights Centre, Anti-Racism Ireland and  Anti Deportation Ireland expressing grave concerns about the regressive nature of this bill.

Richard Boyd Barrett said, “It is ironic that this bill is being brought forward during an unprecedented refugee crisis, with thousands living in camps, crossing dangerous borders fleeing war and famine and as we have all seen, men, women and children drowning in the Mediterranean.

What we should have is a bill that offers a compassionate, generous and independent asylum system instead of a bill that is about fast-tracking cruel deportations and doing nothing to vindicate the rights of people. Pursuing a regime that makes applications more difficult and deportations easier is a disgraceful failure to recognise the human reality of people arriving here.

It is really shameful that we are complicit in the wars in the Middle East by allowing the US military use Shannon Airport and then deny the people who suffer these wars asylum here.

Despite the government talking about protection, the fact is that this bill, if passed un-amended, will facilitate dawn raids by Gardai without warrants and see the fast-tracking of cruel deportations.

Fast-tracked deportations can only lead to more of the mistakes that led to the tragic death of  Mohamed Ali Sleyum who was deported from Ireland to Tanzania in April 2014 and within hours of arriving in Tanzania, was badly beaten and died a few days later from his injuries.

It is even more shameful that the Labour Party are supporting this bill and not accepting amendments”